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Who are we:

CIOResource is in it's 20th year of providing 
Fortune-100 caliber 
Technology & Business-Operations
Consulting Services
 to the small & medium sized enterprise.

What we do:

    We formulate, design, re-engineer and implement the 'Technology and Business Operations' components of your enterprise to deliver to you the benefits of :
  • Cost effective application of Technology
  • Technology & Operational Industry Best Practices 
  • Productivity Improvement Techniques
  • Optimal Organizational Design 
    All initiatives will be designed and implemented to deliver the goals and objectives outlined in your strategic business plan. 

How do we do it:


Using CIOResource,  your company benefits from 'Fortune-100 caliber' Technology and Business Operations expertise by; 

  • Traditional 'Project Oriented' technology and operations initiatives

  • A supplement to your technology and operations staff on critical/special projects

  • A total solution to your Technology & Operations Management needs

  • As part of your management team as CIO (Chief Information Officer) providing leadership and direction to your technology and operations staff 

 all on an 'as needed' basis

How you benefit:

  • Your enterprise will have access to highly specialized Information Technology & Operations resources.

  • This access will create new competitive advantages by providing to your organization the same level of technology & operations expertise as your larger competitors.

  • All this is available to your enterprise at a remarkably affordable price.

  • We deliver this expertise by supplementing your internal staff in  highly specialized areas without you incurring the expense of a full time employee and/or we can be your full service technology resource. 

  • The tighter your Technology and Operations budget, the more CIOResource can help your organization. 


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Optimizing Business Performance Through Technology

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